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I was going to do serious voice acting stuff but then the Makoto version of Future Fish came on my dash and I was listening to it for like a good 30 minutes and next thing you know I spend the rest of my night trying to make this piece of trash I’m sorry. I reduced it to the TV ending size because no way in heck was I gonna do the whole thing omg

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R: Makoto Tachibana

L: Nagisa Hazuki

Know your enemy



Future fish (Piscium futurum)

Taxonomic classification: Animalia, Chordata, Craniata, Pisces

Habitat: On your screen

Distribution: Worldwide

Diet: Free! fans (It rips the prey’s heart out.)

Behavior: Most inappropriate

In captivity: It will ruin your life anyway

Reproduction: in KyoAni’s laboratories

Conservation status: Should be extinct



For the love of god…use headphones. For all those Rei fans out there, enjoy. Translation by kanranshaxxx.

Stop… finally we can embrace each other like this… let me reach your sensitive part. Hey, you like it here, right? *thrust* Your breath is getting heavier. If you feel so good, then… I will do it more… *thrust* Ah… I told you not to let your voice out, right? You’re a bad girl for not protecting your promise. I will have to punish you. Whatever you say, I will not stop. I will do you hard here… it’s okay. You don’t need to be so scared. *thrust*

How is it? You feel good, right? *pant* *thrust* It flowing out so much. Were you came again? It’s dripping out slowly. Your legs and hips are trembling… so cute… I love you… *kiss* *thrust* You feel good…? *panting* *kiss* *heavy breath* *thrust* Hm? Were you came again? Your tears flowing down. *lick* I want to come inside you too. Hey, can I come? *panting* Thank you… *grunt* Your face.. come here… *kiss* I love you… I really love you… *heavy breath* *thrust* More… hold me tightly… don’t let go of me… *panting* It’s really good. Are you feeling good? We’re the same… I’m so happy… *kiss* *heavy breath* *thrust* I will come… *heavy breath* *release*

NAGISA: Huh? I see a magazine peeking out from under the bed.
REI: Nagisa-kun, don’t! You mustn’t touch that! There’s only one type of book that boys hide underneath their beds!
NAGISA: Like what? *stare*
REI: Eh? That is… um… Don’t look at me with those eyes full of pure innocence!
MAKOTO: T–That’s right! You shouldn’t look at those!
GOU: What is it?! I want to know!
REI: You don’t want to know!
MAKOTO: Let’s pretend we didn’t see it, okay?
GOU: I want to see it!
HARUKA: I want to see it, too!
MAKOTO: Not you too, Haru!
GOU: As his little sister, I take full responsibility for looking at it! [grabs for it]
MAKOTO: No, don’t!
REI: The space underneath the bed is holy ground for men! It’s not for other people to touch–
GOU: Got it!
GOU: T–This is…
HARUKA: Monthly Muscle Magazine!
GOU: I buy this every month! I didn’t know my brother read it too!
MAKOTO: You read Monthly Muscle Magazine too, huh, Gou-chan…
NAGISA: [flips through] “Special feature on running, the extensor crappy uterus muscle”…
MAKOTO: Nagisa? It’s extensor carpi ulnaris muscle. Umm, and… “For this autumn’s trend… we will further examine the charm of the sternocleidomastoid muscle”…?
REI: T–There are a lot of muscle pictures in there…
NAGISA: Does Rin-chan have a muscle fetish too?
HARUKA: Maybe it’s so he has something to talk about with Gou?

Translation credit

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NAGISA: Let’s say if each of us was a girl and we were to go out with someone in this group, who would you pick?
HARUKA: Why did the topic suddenly turn to that?
REI: I have absolutely no idea.
NAGISA: It’s a hypothetical question!
MAKOTO: Why did talking about lunches turn to talking about dating?
NAGISA: Because Rei-chan said [imitates REI] ‘A man who cooks is popular.’ So I was wondering, if we were girls, who would we pick?
REI: That wasn’t an imitation of me, was it?
NAGISA: I sounded just like you, didn’t I?
REI: No.
NAGISA: [imitates REI] No.
NAGISA: I would pick… hmm… I wonder… Not Rei-chan. You seem to get too hung up by details.
REI: What are you saying, Nagisa-kun? You’ll find no partner more perfect than I am.
NAGISA: Eh? Really? But Rei-chan, you’ll definitely be a huge nagger. Always telling me not to spill things or to tuck my shirt in, and stuff.
REI: Me, a nagger? Listen. I have confidence in my memory, so I would never forget special days like birthdays. I can cook, and manage my time so I would never be late for a date. I would research beforehand the places we’d go, and even research the best path to take to the restaurant where I’ve already put in a reservation, so I would be the perfect escort for my date from start to finish. I would make a date enjoyable, leaving nothing to be desired.
MAKOTO: H-Haru… did you just think that Rei sounded like an infomercial?
HARUKA: How could you tell?
MAKOTO: [laughs] Because I thought so too.
NAGISA: Then, Rei-chan, who would you want to go out with among the guys here?
REI: Myself, of course.
NAGISA: That’s… um… That’s very sad.
HARUKA: Really sad.
MAKOTO: Don’t say that. That’s who Rei is.
REI: Makoto-senpai… you’re not helping…
NAGISA: Then what about you, Mako-chan? Who would you go out with?
MAKOTO: Me? Well, let me see… hmm… I’ve been with Haru since we were kids, so I feel relaxed around him, and Nagisa is a cheerful person, so I have fun being around him, and Rei is upright, so I feel like I can expect him to take really good care of me… You all have your good points. Hmm… I can’t choose.
[All three sigh]
MAKOTO: Eh? Huh? What’s wrong, guys?
NAGISA: What do we call that kind of attitude again?
HARUKA: Wishy-washy.
REI: Makoto-senpai… You’re going to be in trouble one day…
MAKOTO: Wha– why?!
HARUKA: Being too nice brings the worst results.
MAKOTO: Not you too, Haru!
NAGISA: Then what about you, Haru-chan? Who would you choose?
HARUKA: …Makoto.
HARUKA: It just seems easiest.
REI: That’s your reason?
NAGISA: Ehh, you picked Mako-chan?
REI: Well, Makoto-senpai is kind and he seems likely to treat the person he dates with respect.
NAGISA: Hey, Haru-chan! If I was your boyfriend, I’ll cook mackerel for you for breakfast every morning!
HARUKA: I choose Nagisa.
MAKOTO: Ehhh?!
REI: Haruka-senpai’s decisions all center around mackerel…
MAKOTO: I lost to mackerel…

Translation credit

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is it just me or does this attractive Australian guy 


look like a sousuke/nagisa love child?

then u got kisumi 


who looks like a rei/nagisa love child

idk about u but nagisa seems to be getting around

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Rei’s scream from the drama cd

After watching Episode 12:

  • rinharu shippers: *rei laugh*
  • makoharu shippers: *rei scream*




Fact: Unlike the gay agenda™, the bisexual agenda contains a 15 minute break for snacks between sessions.

Fact: The asexual agenda is entirely made of snacks, with a 15 minute break for all out anarchy

Fact: The pansexuals, with their extreme love for kitchen ware, make all the snacks.

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